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Business owners often think that annual budgets are only for large companies but that’s not entirely correct.  Sure, large companies engage each year in a strong budgeting process; annual budgets are a fundamental part of good business practices.  Small businesses can benefit from the process of creating an annual budget almost as much as having the budget itself.  Budgeting is an essential part of planning for the next 12 months, and can help business owners prioritize their financial, human, and marketing resources.  Elements Business Coaching can help business owners create a baseline from which to begin the budgeting process, identify a plan for the year, and develop financial realistic and supportable financial projections.  The process of creating an annual budget can also help the business owner identify internal systems that may need improvement.  Elements Business Coaching can help identify and streamline systems so that they work for you and your employees.

How can Elements Business Coaching help you?

  • Are you running your business by the cash in your checking account and a gut feeling about how much you have in receivables, but need a budget to ensure you’re on track to be profitable? 

Elements Business Coaching can help you create an annual budget for your business, and to monitor key performance measures.

  • Does your business need funding to expand or purchase assets? Are you overwhelmed by the commercial loan process?

Elements Business Coaching can help you understand the commercial lending process, what is needed by the lender, and help you get your loan package together.  If you need help with funding options, Elements Business Coaching can put you in touch with lenders at different organizations who can help you with your loan request.

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