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Elements Business Coaching was established to help business owners get a strong grasp on the financial aspects of their business in an affordable and meaningful way.  Business owners are fantastic at delivering the key product of their business but are often apprehensive about the financial statements and budgets that are necessary to plan for the future and to monitor performance.  With a reasonable investment of time and money, Elements Business Coaching will teach business owners the knowledge they need to use their financial statements as a tool for growth and opportunity. Businesses with a strong financial foundation are more likely to survive a significant financial event, whether economic, customer-related, or reputational. Let’s get your business ready for all of the opportunities out there!

How can Elements Business Coaching help you?

  • Do you look at your Profit and Loss Statement and Balance Sheet and wonder what you’re looking at? Do you HAVE a Profit and Loss Statement and Balance Sheet?

Elements Business Coaching can help you understand your financial statements, how they relate to one another, and how they reveal opportunities for growth and discipline.

  • Have you always wanted to have better discipline in monitoring the financial side of your business but didn’t know where to start?

Elements Business Coaching can teach you about the key numbers in your financial statements, to include ratios and performance metrics.  With knowledge and appropriate systems, you can get a firm grasp on the financial side of your business.

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